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Duterte: Fights Women Rights

Duterte’s remarks about an Australian missionary who has raped and killed hailed numerous criticisms especially from his political rivals. However, Paolo Alvarez, counsel for PDP-Laban defended Presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte, he said “Mayor Duterte is well loved by women and children in Davao City because they know he is willing to sacrifice his own life to protect them from criminals.” He further stated; “His rape comment was taken out of context to rob the people of the chance to have a president who can bring real change in the fight against corruption, poverty, illegal drugs and crime.”

Moreover, PDP-Laban president Senator Aquilino Pimentel III also defended Duterte on rape issue. He said Duterte was entitled for a freedom of speech and it is unfair for him to be scorned out for his rape comment or joke when he did not commit any crime.

Indeed, Duterte initiated programs that fight women’s right and welfare so he should not be condemned for such a bad joke or remarks. The public should first give consideration to the real issue of change!


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