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The Game Does not End in Winning

Winning is not the ultimate goal in every game, it is but the beginning of the real challenge. To sustain the momentum and high emotion is more challenging and a monumental task for a leader. Now that Davao City Mayor has been proclaimed as the sixteenth President of the Republic, it is an arduous task for him to meet the expectations of more than sixteen million Filipinos who believed in him. To Duterte supporters, a landslide victory is enough but the burden still lies on their back, the moment they’ve voted for Duterte, they manifested support in cleaning the system for real change. Change comes from every Filipino and it can be achieved by obeying even the simplest law like segregation of wastes and paying taxes. Change implies responsibility and cooperation, given the reality that a leader is powerless without the strength of the majority.

Losing is also not the end for those who failed in their political bid. It is a reflection of what went wrong and a reminder to put the best foot forward the next time around. I remember when I lost in an essay writing contest when I was eleven years old, that did not stop me from writing and I went far better than I was before, because it is my passion. Public service needs passion and compassion, beyond the title, power and influence, the heart of a true public servant must always shine, win or lose.
While winning is still the best part of the game, the winner does not stop practicing and doing what he believes is best for his craft. Nobody is perfect and everyone has a defect. It is significant for a winner to remember who was there when he was not yet a winner. The people behind Duterte were massive and forceful that they have let their voices heard around the world. You win a game and it does not make you more powerful, you still choose to let winning an inspiration to continue the feat for CHANGE.

By Joy Serrano-Quijano


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